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Washing His Feet With Our Tears

“The gathering of the bitter-sweet myrrh of heartbrokenness over failure and shortcomings – over all the “might-have-been’s” of the past – can bring one nearer heaven than the gathering of frankincense of the hills, for present and future.  Such is His … Continue reading

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Focussed Lives

Gathered up, focussed lives, intent on one aim – Christ – these are the lives on which God can concentrate blessedness.  It is “all for all” by a law as unvarying as any law that governs the material universe.  Focussed  … Continue reading

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Harbinger of Spring

“The long hard winter has broken at last – not as yet in much sign on the earthward side but in the late afternoon yesterday the great cumulus clouds sank away, and in their place lay long horizontal bars, one … Continue reading

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His Workmanship

“God builds up a shrine within us of His workmanship, from the day in which Jesus was received.  The seed-vessel is its picture.  With the old nature He can have nothing to do except to deliver it to death:  no … Continue reading

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