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“Our meeting place with God, and our beholding His glory, lies not in our going up to Him, but in His coming down to us in the person of Jesus Christ our Lord. “God who commanded the light to shine … Continue reading

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The Glory of Work

Should Jesus tarry our works will follow us.  God may use, by reason of the wonderful solidarity of His Church, the things that He has wrought in us for the blessing of souls unknown to us. . . .  God … Continue reading

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Harbinger of Spring

“The long hard winter has broken at last – not as yet in much sign on the earthward side but in the late afternoon yesterday the great cumulus clouds sank away, and in their place lay long horizontal bars, one … Continue reading

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Not Bound to Repeat

If it were only a matter of asking Him to repeat the miracles of the past, faith would have plenty of room.  But He is not bound to reproduce.  He is the Creator – have we ever let our hearts and … Continue reading

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The First Cyclamen

“The first cyclamen – with their little angel wings all flying with joy, though only the first warm quickly-dried drops have visited the earth yet, and it looks as baked and hopeless as ever.  ‘Not having received the promises but … Continue reading

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One Thing More…

“… the entrance into His gates with thanksgiving & into His courts with praise means an instant leaving all darkness & oppression outside…”     Diary 5 February 1919 I love Thanksgiving Day.  Of the many holidays that circle the calendar year, it … Continue reading

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A Shaft of Light

“‘The word of the Lord’ has come these mornings with the stealing, day by day, of a tiny circle of light across the wall as soon as the sun is up.  It comes through a wee chink in the weatherworn shutter … Continue reading

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Soul Into Blossom

“Take the very hardest thing in your life – the place of difficulty, outward or inward, and expect God to triumph gloriously in that very spot.  Just there He can bring your soul into blossom.”             … Continue reading

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