Works By and About Lilias

Books by I. Lilias Trotter

Between the Desert and the Sea

Parables of the Cross

Parables of the Christ-life

The Master of the Impossible

The Way of the Seven-fold Secret                                                         

Booklets by I.Lilias Trotter

Back-ground and Fore-ground

A Challenge to Faith

Cherry Blossom

Focussed:  A Story and a Song

The Glory of the Impossible 

Heavenly Light on the Daily Path

A Life on Fire

Literature for Moslem Boys

A Ripened Life

Sand Lilies


A South Land

A Thirsty Land and God’s Channels

Trained to Rule


Winter Buds     

Story Parables by I. Lilias Trotter

The Bag of Wool

The Bedouin and His Camel

The Blood Feud of El Hanouchi

The Debt of Ali Ben Omar

The field of Sahab en Niya

Landsnakes and Seasnakes

The Letter That Came from a Far Country

The Lost Ones in the Sahara

Neseefa the Slave Girl

The Robe of Er-Rashid

The Story of the Nightingale

Water Lilies:  A Paper for Mothers

Books about I. Lilias Trotter

Elisabeth Elliot.  A Path Through Suffering.  Meditations based on Trotter’s Parables of the Cross and Parables of the Christ-life.  Ann Arbor:  Vine books, 1992 (in print).

Constance E. Padwick.  I. Lilias Trotter. Croydon:  Watson, n.d.

Blanche A. F. Pigott.  I. Lilias Trotter.  London:  Marshall, 1929.

Miriam Rockness.  A Passion for the Impossible:  The Life of Lilias Trotter. Discovery House Publishers, 1999. (in print).

Miriam Rockness.  A Blossom in the Desert:  Reflections of Faith in the Art and Writings of Lilias Trotter.  Discovery House Publishers, 2007.  (in print)

I . R. Govan Stewart.  The Love That Was Stronger.  London:  Lutterworth Press, 1958.

Patricia St. John.  Until The Day Breaks.  Bronley, Kent:  OM Publishing 1990 (in print).

*All works, unless otherwise noted, are out of print.  Copies of these works are housed at the Trotter Archives at the Arab World Ministries United Kingdom Headquarters in Loughborough, England.

10 Responses to Works By and About Lilias

  1. Milford Myhre says:

    Miriam, Your blog is masterful in every respect. I’ve shared it with friends in NE and hope that you will hear from them eventually. I’ve also made printed copy for Ginny H. Bravo! – Milford

  2. Sara says:

    A couple of years ago I was able to obtain copies of Parables of the Christ-Life and Parables of the Cross through the online bookseller, Alibris. What gems! I wish/hope/pray more of her works will be published one day.

  3. Deborah Ardinger says:

    Her writings are life changing because they are living!

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  5. Lucy says:

    Another book about Lilias Trotter is “Faithful women and their extraordinary God” by Noel Piper. It’s in print.

    • mhrockness says:

      Yes, this is an excellent resource: highlights of IlT’s life in a chapter-size format – along with other inspirational women! Thank you for mentioning this. We will add it to our RESOURCES. Miriam Rockness

  6. Grant says:

    Hello, my name is Grant Trotter. (Same name, no known relation.) Recently I have been pondering Parables of the Cross at

    I have an idea to make a unique print of that book which would serve as both a devotional book and wall art. Just for my own household and perhaps a few friends. I’ll spare you the details of what I’m imagining. But I’m looking for high resolution photos of the paintings in that work. The highest resolution I’ve been able to find are the ones in the link above. I was content with that, but then I watched Many Beautiful Things and saw very large, crystal clear renderings of the paintings. So I learned that higher resolution copies are out there somewhere. I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction?

    Thank your dedicated work on this project and your consideration on this message.

    • mhrockness says:

      Thank you for your query about high resolution prints from “Parables of the Cross”. I have searched, in vain, for the original color plates from POC. The paintings you see in MBT are taken from scans made directly from a 1st edition copy of POC. I think that the medium of film may have enhanced these images? Do you have any of the early copies of POC? You may have seen our (Lilias Trotter Legacy) facsimile edition published-on-demand by Amazon. This was the best we could offer. I don’t know if this is of an help to you. Miriam Rockness

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