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Love Without Limits

I have been thinking lately what a work for God it is, just loving people. 25 April 1891 It was my first year of teaching.  A life time ago – or so it seems.  But one incident remains as fresh … Continue reading

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Loving Acts of Kindness

What a difference of atmosphere when Sister Eva got into our train 1/2 way on our road!  For she is a medieval-saint, stepped out into a glorious light & freedom.              Diary 14 November 1908 (Between … Continue reading

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Limits to Loving?

“We may indeed thank our Heavenly Father that even our poor human love is inexhaustible, like the Norse drinking cup of old that none could empty, for its base was open and reached to the sea.  So the love we … Continue reading

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Living Together in Love

“With loving thoughts and words and looks we can, as it were, twist the threads of our lives with the lives of others. . .  that we may help each other to be strong, like the little strands of wool … Continue reading

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Glad Light of Hospitality

It is such a happy summer with the dear bunches of the natives about the place.  And there is a spirit of love all about – either I get asked out to supper at one end of the house or … Continue reading

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Living Love

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  Notice this secret in the first words:  “I am the Way.” This does not mean a series of difficult rules to be obeyed, but “a new and living way” – a … Continue reading

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Making God Visible

“It was good to turn our backs on the long French streets and plunge down among the crowds, first through a street thronged with Jews, then a little bit up again through the native quarter, and then down the flight … Continue reading

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