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Gladness of My Joy

“We speak of the God of Love and the God of Peace – so seldom of the God of Joy.   God is the God of joy, and we must drink in the spirit of His joy. And flowers speak of the … Continue reading

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Love Came Down

“Our meeting place with God and our beholding His glory, lies not in our going up to Him, but in His coming down to us in the person of Jesus Christ our Lord.  ‘God who commended the light to shine … Continue reading

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Glimmer of Light

“In the garden there is an African ‘soldanella’ – not a real soldanella – only an African version of the same truth of the wonders that God can do in secret.  A garden border of a kind of thick matted grass, a … Continue reading

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Daisies Talking

The daisies have been talking again – the girls brought in a clump the other day from their Saturday afternoon hours in the country.  Somewhere long ago I saw that the reason they spread out their leaves flat on the … Continue reading

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A Shaft of Light

“‘The word of the Lord’ has come these mornings with the stealing, day by day, of a tiny circle of light across the wall as soon as the sun is up.  It comes through a wee chink in the weatherworn shutter … Continue reading

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