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Resources: By and About Lilias Trotter

The film, Many Beautiful Things, has introduced Lilias Trotter to many people for the first time, raising questions and queries about her life and legacy.  What did her work in North Africa really involve?  What specific approaches did she use … Continue reading

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A Night of Many Beautiful Things

At last I have specific information about the screening of “Many Beautiful Things” that many readers have requested.  After more than 2 years of planning and praying and the coming together of talented individuals to bring to screen the life … Continue reading

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At Last: The Trailer for Many Beautiful Things

  At last:  a glimpse into the film, Many Beautiful Things, via the trailer.  A taste of things to come!

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May Break

  Enjoy Lilias’s “Sweet Pea” in place of my weekly post.  I am taking  a “May Break” to concentrate on the Lilias Trotter documentary and will report back, next Friday, with highlights from this remarkable week!   Thank you for your … Continue reading

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Gladly Give

“See how this bit of oat-grass is emptying itself out.  Look at the wide-openness with which the seed-sheaths lose all that they have to yield, and then the patient content with which they fold their hands – the content of … Continue reading

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A Brush in the Hand of God

  See in these wild iris-pods how the last tiny threads must be broken, and with that loosing, all that they have is free for God’s use in His world around.  All reluctance, all calculating, all ‘holding in’ is gone; … Continue reading

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God of the Impossible

“The things that are impossible with men are possible with God.”  Yes, face it out to the end.  Cast away every shadow of hope on the human side as a positive hindrance to the Divine; heap the difficulties together recklessly, … Continue reading

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